Atai Omurzakov & Tumar KR | Robotic Dance

Atai Omurzakov

Atai Omurzakov is the one of the most famous robotic dancers in the world and he is certainly the most spectacular performer. His shows are innovative, thought proviking, unique and highly skilled. Whilst being highly entertaining, each dance show is philosophical, brought to life with Atai’s incomparable charm and talent. Perfect for high end corporate events and television appearances.


Atai is acclaimed as one of the world’s greatest exponents of robotic dance. His talent is acknowledged by leading figures in the arts and entertainment industry all over the world including actor Jackie Chan and Carmen Rust (the director of Cirque Du Soleil) and many more.

50 Million

In a relatively short period Atai Omurzakov has became one of the most popular dancers in the world. His dance video on YouTube has had more than 50 million hits.

Atai Omurzakov performs Robot Dance Walle

Atai Omurzakov


Atai has been awarded many accolades, including winning the Czechoslovakian version of the Got Talent franchise “ČESKO SLOVENSKO MÁ TALENT”, the prize was 100,000 euros. He also took first place in another annual talent competition called Your Oscar in Beijing winning 1,000,000 Chinese Yuan.

Tumar KR

Atai created The Tumar KR group in 2011 and it became one of the most famous dance groups of the world in just two years. Their dance shows have unique, philosophical ideas and choreography, as well exclusive music and costumes. The Tumar KR group has performed at:
TV show Ukraina Mae Talent (Ukraine’s Got Talent) in 2012 – 3rd place.
TV show “Сesko Slovensko Ma Talent 2013” (Czechoslovakia’s Got Talent) Czech Republic and Slovenia – winner
TV project Dance on Russian TNT channel “Comedy Club Production” 2014
Russian TV show Minuta Slavy, Moscow 2013
Atai Omrzakov and his dance company (The Tumar KR group), are currently working on the creation of a new dance performance called Nomads, (about the lives and existence of ancient, nomadic people) and artificial intelligence. It is a philosophical story about a small robot.

Professional Highlights

Winner of the national talent competition “Barakelde”, prize amount 1,000,000 Som.
Champion of Hip Hop Festival “Dance Track” 2008, Kyrgyzstan.
Champion of Modern Dances Festival 2009, Kyrgyzstan.
Finalist of international TV project “Minute of Fame”, Moscow, Russia, 2010.
Winner of “Contact Confrontation” a project in Moscow.
Winner of The International Dance Olympiad in Moscow, 2010-2011.
Finalist of Ukraine TV project, 2011.
Concerts with solo dance show in Czech and Slovak Republics for 5,000 guests with no hearing.
Special guest of popular Holland TV programme “Beat the Best” Amsterdam City, 2012
Special guest of popular China TV program “Star Battle” Shenzhen City, 2012
Atai was invited to front an advertising campaign for Samsung tab in the Czech Republic.
Atai was the face of the new Hyundai model car in the Czech Republic
Atai was nominated for the title of “Person of the Year” in 2011 and 2012 in Bishkek City, Kyrgyzstan.
Winner of the nomination for “The Breakthrough” Artiste in Bratislava, 2011.

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