FLASH MOB A Hit At Edinburgh Fringe


World Dance Management has produced a brand new dance show called FLASH MOB that has premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe and attracted rave reviews.

“For every self-indulgent, esoteric, audience-alienating dance show ever performed, Flash Mob is the antidote. This is a dance mob that’s flash – although for “flash”, read talented, hard-working and completely dedicated to their craft. For those who think commercial dance means leaving your artistry at the door, then the five acts brought together to create this Fringe highlight are ready to prove you wrong.”

Five Stars The Scotsman

“This year “Flash Mob” is on a path to becoming the most talked about dance show of the fringe 2012. Filled with performers from all spheres of the dancing work “Flash Mob” has been causing stirs and now there is an opportunity to see why.The whole piece was inspiring.”

Five Stars New Current.

“Any thoughts that we may be in for sustained commercialised tedium were dispelled from the opening performance. The gorgeous Tommy Franzén produced a spot lit solo that had dance purists, gays, mums dads and the kids (I know these groups are not mutually exclusive) cheering for joy. We proceeded through an hour of hip-hop, street, Irish, Latin… you name it, they did it. And they did it well. But it wasn’t all fun and games; a beautiful and surprisingly dark contemporary piece performed by Alleviate (Nicolette Whitley and Renako McDonald) was just stunning. I urge you to check them out on YouTube if like me, you haven’t seen the Sky show on which they competed. Of-course the finale brought all the dancers out together for a ‘jam’ (I think that’s the word) and a shambolic, but very funny dance lesson for the audience which had us out of our chairs, shaking like a mutha and trampling over strangers. I loved it.”

Four Stars SGFringe.

Featured Cast

Featuring some of the nation’s greatest dance talent, many of the performers are familiar faces from TV dance reality shows. Olivier award nominated Tommy Franzen, runner up from So You Think You Can Dance, contemporary dance duo Alleviate (runners up from Got To Dance), Irish dance duo Brosena and The A Team also from Got To Dance are all in this feelgood dance production. Completing the line-up and adding the hot and sensual element to this show are Mike Viry and Yunaisy Farray from StreetDance 2 3D the movie. They have been quite literally thrust together to create a fusion of Afro Latin and Cuban Street and this pairing delivers a raw, sensual performance that can often only be performed at its best by those steeped in Latin culture. It’s dance from the soul.

Dance Fusion

The production is a celebration of dance as an overall art form and artistic director Gary Lloyd (whose other productions include Thriller in the West End and worldwide) has created dance fusions where each of the difference dance genres are brought together culminating in a finale that includes a mini flash mob featuring the audience.

Creative Platform

World Dance Management (which also lists Flawless and Dan Whiston in their stable of solely represented dance artistes), was keen to provide a creative platform for dancers from dance reality shows who, having achieved a moment of TV glory in their own right, often then lose their identity and creativity as they get signed up for West End shows and major tours to effectively join the chorus. Whilst the dancers continue to gain invaluable experience from these prestigious contracts, they no longer have the chance to choreograph and create their own ideas and these were the reasons that brought them to the public’s attention in the first place.

Mob of Flash Dancers

In this production, each performer has worked closely with Gary Lloyd to create personal interpretations through their dance routines of the words ‘flash’ and ‘mob’ with some performances being inspired by flashbacks, flash moments, flashes of an inner self, a mob of dancers or flashes of inspiration ….and of course collectively this is a mob of very flash dancers!

Future Plans

Director of World Dance Management Marina Blore explains: “We are delighted that the show has been received so well in Edinburgh and that audiences have taken it to their hearts. We are now in talks to take the show into the West End in October with some of the existing cast and we will be adding new international artistes and increasing the focus on creating more opportunities for fusion between the different dance genres and the music. It has been very rewarding to see the dancers create their own choreography as part of this show and they have also enjoyed the challenge of working with fellow dancers who are also the best at what they do. There has been a great feeling of respect for one another. We are also keen to take FLASH MOB on a national and European tour in 2013 and we have started to explore possibilities with various promoters.

The show also has a shorter version suitable for corporate events.


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Scotsman 5 Stars.
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FLASH MOB is on at Assembly Hall in Edinburgh daily at 6pm (no show on the 14th October). Click here for Assembly Tickets