Flash Mob trailer filmed in London’s West End at Sadlers Wells Peacock Theatre 2014

Dance World’s Collide

FLASH MOB™ is back! The new production welcomes Strictly Come Dancing professionals Kevin Clifton (also known as “Kevin from Grimsby”) and Karen Hauer as well as World Street Dance Champions and stars of the hit StreetDance movies Flawless! Dance Critics Choice winner and Olivier nominee Tommy Franzén is back alongside the modern day Romeo and Juliet – contemporary dance duo Alleviate featuring Nicolette Whitley and Renako McDonald and completing the line up is Irish fusion couple Erin Trevena and Irish Dance Magazine’s Man of the Year Tom Brosnan who make up Brosena all from Sky1’s Got To Dance. FLASH MOB™ will be back at Sadlers Wells Peacock Theatre from May 27th for two weeks before embarking on a UK tour through until the 2nd August 2014.

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TV Dance Stars

Where dance worlds collide! FLASH MOB™ is one of the most dynamic and innovative dance shows you will ever see! Packed with energy, the production sees stars from all the best dance reality TV shows join forces in this feel-good production that originally premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe before moving into London’s West End at Sadlers Wells Peacock Theatre. The show breaks down preconceived barriers of individual dance genres to celebrate the joy of movement and dance as an overall art form.

Dance Is More Popular Than Ever

“A nationwide Yougov survey revealed that just over 1 in 5 British adults (21%) have become more interested in dancing as a result of TV dance shows. This has led to roughly the same number of adults (1 in 5 – 20%) currently participating in some form of dance – covering a huge range of styles from ballet to ballroom and street to salsa – and just over 1 in 8 adults (13%) have taken part in a dance class in the last five years.”

Your Favourite Dance Stars Perform In Their Own Right

For the first time ever, the stars of TV’s most popular dance programmes from all over the world have been given a public platform to create sensational routines without the confines that can sometimes be imposed by the small screen. Television and film cannot get enough of dance and it is this ever-growing popularity that prompted show producers World Dance Management to bring together the best dance talent and give them the opportunity to perform in their own show.

Martin Blore from World Dance Management explains: “Often the winners and finalists from these dance programmes and movies are snapped up by West End Theatre and international tours supporting pop legends, but they lose the chance to dance in their own right. This show gives them the opportunity to choreograph their own individual routines and really show the world what they are capable of under their own name. They are the stars of their own show!”


The 2014 cast includes Karen Hauer and Kevin Clifton (BBC1’s Strictly Come Dancing), Flawless (Britain’s Got Talent and StreetDance movies 1 & 2), Tommy Franzén (Olivier Award Nominee 2012 for Outstanding Achievement in Dance and winner of The Critic Circle’s National Dance Awards “Outstanding Male Performance” 2013 also So You Think You Can Dance runner up BBC1). From Sky1’s Got To Dance contemporary dance duo Alleviate and Irish fusion couple Brosena complete the line up. They all take centre stage for the biggest dance fusion spectacular London has ever seen. FLASH MOB played to rave reviews in the West End but this will the first time it has toured the UK.

FLASH MOB Has Something For Everyone

So whether you’re a fan of Latin or lockin’, if you’re into contemporary or Celtic, you’re guaranteed to fall in love with this dance show that is flash, funky, sexy and sensual! The show is all about dance fusion and uses its title as a running theme to interpret the words and phrases connected to ‘flash’ and ‘mob’ through spectacular dance routines. The production culminates in taking the traditional use of the phrase to invite the audience to join “a group all synced together in dance!”

FLASH MOB Rave Reviews

“The audience screamed, clapped, had a wonderful time.”
Financial Times

“The bouncy, aspirational style of the show is hard to resist. The evening I saw it, one small child refused to leave her spot as the theatre emptied, still rapturously going through the FLASH MOB dance.”
The Guardian

“For every self-indulgent, esoteric, audience-alienating dance show ever performed, FLASH MOB is the antidote. This is a dance mob that’s flash – although for “flash” read talented, hard-working and completely dedicated to their craft. It’s this pick and mix quality that makes FLASH MOB such a great ambassador for dance as a whole.”
The Scotsman
Cast of FlashMob 2014

The cast for the 2014 production of FLASH MOB

Sadler’s Wells Sucess

Following the successful run at Sadler’s Wells in London’s West End the producers are looking to programme dates around the world. Flash Mob is also available as a 20 to 30 minute show for the corporate market. A full archive video of the show is available for bookers, producers, promoters and venues on request.




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